Stepping away from my iPhone, iPod Touch or laptop is often a big mistake–things happen in media so fast!

I’m a journalist; I should know better.

What is this new thing called? Flipboard? Yeah, I just watched the video and I’m really excited. And once I scrape up change for an iPad, I will be ecstatic!

My own “personal” magazine, huh? What’s it in for me?

Well, Flipboard apparently knows your friends, your interests and “always has content you care about,” says the unnamed character playing with his iPad on the Flipboard video.

Instead of merely showing the links that Twitter friends are tweeting, Flipboard reveals the article the link refers to, with a print-like layout. Photos included.

It connects to all your social networks and aggregates the content your friends share. Talk about curation!

Frédéric Filloux of Monday Note says every media company should be very afraid of Flipboard. Why?

The interface is appealing; it turns what you may see on Google Reader into something that looks 10 times better. And the best part: there are NO ads.  Some huge media mogul really should have thought this up a long time ago.

But how is revenue generated? I have no clue, but it is a valuable application. says it could possibly bring together app developers and publishers.

Even Oprah’s on board!

See what all the buzz is about below:

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